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We transform your business to boost its growth
and efficiency through our services.
Logo Puntonet Tech surrounded by all the company's technological services: cybersecurity, database, power bi boards, IT support, web and mobile development, robotic process automation RPA
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Every staff member, every file shared and every device used poses a potential risk to your business. We offer adaptable and cutting-edge solutions against digital threats. From risk assessments to implementations of corporate security, our teams are ready to be your company's first line of defense.

cybersecurity at Puntonet

Process automation

With our developments in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we optimize your operations. From identifying automatable processes to implementing and maintaining bots, we offer solutions that increase productivity and free up resources for strategic tasks.

automation of RPA processes in Puntonet

IT Support

Our services guarantee the stability and availability of your systems and applications. From proactive maintenance to daily problem resolution, you We help ensure that your business operations always run smoothly.

IT support in Puntonet

Web and mobile development

We transform ideas into concrete digital experiences, whether through Web or Mobile applications. Our agile development services guarantee that your project is always aligned with your expectations and requirements.

web and mobile development at Puntonet

Power BI

Our visualization dashboards offer a clear view of your data. From conception to implementation, we create dynamic and intuitive dashboards that transform data into actionable information, driving informed and strategic decision making in companies.

Power BI dashboards in Puntonet


We manage your databases, focusing on availability, speed and security of access to the data set. They represent the main asset in your organization. We take care of integrating them into solutions and/or platforms to guarantee that you have consistent and reliable information at your fingertips.

Database in Puntonet

Main industries where we work

Puntonet Services to Government


Puntonet services to the health industry


Puntonet services to the banking industry


Puntonet services to the agricultural industry


Puntonet services to the retail industry


Puntonet services to the call center industry

Call center


Technology partners

Puntonet is a Microsoft partner
Puntonet is an AWS partner
Puntonet is a partner of Fortinet
Puntonet is an Oracle partner
Puntonet is a Sophos partner
Puntonet is a partner of Comodo
Puntonet is a partner of Veritas
Puntonet is a partner of Acronis
Puntonet is a VU partner
Puntonet is a partner of Trellix
We are Puntonet Tech

Why choose us?

Puntonet Tech identity

At Puntonet we have supported hundreds of companies in the solution and optimization of their technological processes, backed by 23 years of experience in the sector. At PuntoNet Tech, we remain at the forefront of innovations to ensure that our services are always of the highest quality.

We are Puntonet Tech

Our methodology

Step 1 Puntonet methodology
kick off
We meet to learn about your needs, understanding every aspect of your situation to propose a solution adapted to your requirement.
Step 2 Puntonet methodology
Situation analysis
We carry out a technical evaluation of your case and provide you with a response within 72 business hours.
Step 3 Puntonet methodology
Personalized proposal
We present you a comprehensive solution designed by our specialists, along with an implementation plan and its value.
Step 4 Puntonet methodology
Solution implementation
Our technicians begin the execution of the specific solution within the agreed period, maintaining constant communication with you, to resolve doubts and queries.
Step 5 Puntonet methodology
Monitoring and Evolution
We accompany you in the process by analyzing possibilities for continuous improvement and optimization.
Puntonet Tech identity
Puntonet Tech identity
dotnet methodology
dotnet methodology
dotnet methodology
dotnet methodology
We are Puntonet Tech

In 2023 we invest

+2,000 hours in


+66,000 hours in services

+10,000 hours in cybersecurity

+22,000 hours in D.B.A.

+20,000 hours in IT support

+20,000 hours in development


Provide innovative solutions in information technology consulting services, through which our clients can maximize the efficiency of their technological investments.


To be a leading company in the information technology market. Distinguish ourselves by being efficient, effective, reliable and by offering cutting-edge quality products and services.


Puntonet values: integrity and ethics

Integrity and ethics

Puntonet values: continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Puntonet values: teamwork

team work

Puntonet values: diversity


Puntonet values: link with peers

Links with peers

Políticas de calidad

Quality policies

With the desire to work daily towards continuous improvement and achieve the expectations of our clients, at Puntonet we have defined the following commitments as a Quality Management System policy:

Offer information technology consulting services for any industry or organization, always focusing on critical business processes.

To promote teamwork . Recognize and value the diversity of opinions of our collaborators.

Work on the continuous improvement of our processes, capabilities and knowledge , to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their technology and information security operations are in the hands of professionals.

Commit to delivering quality products and services, with high added value, in order to generate a long-term business relationship.

Issue: 01/02/2020 • Rev.: 00 • Date: 01/02/2020

Certificate received by Puntonet: ISO 991:2015 management system - TUV Rheinland

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Tel: +54 351 7519670

​Governor Garzón No. 18 - Floor 4 Dept. "D"
B° Santa Rita.

Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina.

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